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Useful Words

2016-09-12 14:02:54 by Listen2Reason

List of suffixes ending in "ation"


Hey that Pokemon Go thing is pretty annoying am I right fellow Newgrounders?

Back in my day we played actual games. Not like those damn kids play today. Eh? Amirite?

I sure wish all those kids would get off of my lawn. Just like I know all you other Newgrounders feel. Eh? Eh?


Pokemon Go "Desktop" "Version"


2015-04-11 16:28:12 by Listen2Reason

Including instructions in your game is like using a turn signal. It's easy, it helps everyone out, yet many people just don't do it.


"cool thing"

2014-03-08 16:33:53 by Listen2Reason

Apparently it's the "cool thing" nowadays to not include instructions with your game.


QuietStealth's Homesmut Flash

2014-02-04 16:20:12 by Listen2Reason

So QuietStealth (I have no idea if that's the right capitalization but whatever) has made this little adult Flash called Homesmut: Nepeta Leijon. Yeah, she's a Homestuck character. It's really just a series of sex animations, but in my opinion it's very well animated. (I can never resist those catgirl-ish characters...)

Unfortunately, I've also heard that some website called "wet pussy games" or something stole the Flash and put it up on their website. Ugh. (Calling it "Elf Slut", even, lolwut.) Anyway, you should go and support it by watching it here on Newgrounds. (But only if animated sex scenes are your thing, of course...)


The Indepedent Game Source (or "TIGSource") is having an informal adult/educational games competition! There really aren't any prizes, but it's a fun way to hang out and do game design with people. Go on over and check it out! (Some of the games are adult, some are educational, some are both.)
27/tigsource-presents-the-adult-educat ional-competition

April Fooooooooooools

2009-04-02 12:07:50 by Listen2Reason

Man, that China thing was pretty well done. The word filters were quite intelligent. Not only did "NG" turn into "China"--not only did URLs look like they went to ""--but the actual URL targets didn't change. The word filter knew the difference between attributes of HTML tags and actual text. Neat!


2009-03-12 01:34:57 by Listen2Reason

I just saw Exploit on NG. Neat.

I'd seen it earlier today on Play This Thing. Just for fun, I created a tiny level for it:

5D0,3D0,2D1,2D1,3B0,1B1,1B1,4L3,3L3,2G 3,0B2,3K2,2>2D4,3A4,2>14B3,1T4,1.75;4,


2009-03-03 04:11:42 by Listen2Reason

Holy crap--MEDALS!