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Aw yeah, an Adventure movie! An excellent choice. Also pretty well animated, too. ;)

Very classy, or perhaps classic reference. Excellent job with the "bulldozer". Or whatever it is...you know what I mean, I'm sure. ;)

You really put in a lot of effort for a few dumb jokes. And I TOTALLY respect that.

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I thought it was good. Not great, but good. The idea was simple, and it was easy to see where it was going, but it did have some emotion to it. I did like that a lot of stuff was left to your imagination, like what happened in the world as a whole...Admittedly, some of the text could use editing, and it might be a little overly dramatic at times. The graphics were simple, but actually I liked that; it brought me back to really old computer games, where you have to work to figure out what's going on, and somehow it makes it more eerie. Anyway, a nice effort, and if you keep working and practicing, you might go far!

Nirag responds:

Thank you! :)

It always amuses me that you can say so many obvious things about Donald Trump—he hates Mexicans, he hates Muslims, he hates women, he hates anyone different from himself, he gropes women without their consent, he raped his wife, he hits on underage girls, he wants to unconstitutionally keep certain people out of the country, he encourages people to hate others, he encourages people to be afraid, he's enjoyed so many benefits of the USA without ever paying his fair share of taxes—and the one thing people say about Hillary Clinton is "But she used a private email server!!!1!".

Sans nom, et sans mode d'emploi.

NYTUO responds:

oui c'est vrai mais c'est prévue(c'est une version de test,le jeu n'est pas fini)
Le jeu se controle avec les touches directionnels flèche gauche,flèche droite et flèche haut(pour sauter).
DSL que le jeu ne t'ai pas plus...

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Weird that it took me a couple minutes to recognize the tune, even though I knew I knew it. At first I thought it was from Bionic Commando. It also sounds like it could be from Hate Plus or something...Anyway, great job!

Nice, this reminds of F-Zero actually. Would be cool for all sorts of games. ;) I like how it always feels like it's going somewhere, and it keeps coming up with different stuff to keep the trip varied.

Congrats on getting 500000, too. ;)

K-Pone responds:

Thanks mate. I've never really played F-Zero yet, but I know what's it about, and you're right, it could fit to F-Zero in a certain way.

ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO TAKE ME TO THE BORDER?...Seriously, though, this was pretty awesome. Very surreal, very well acted. :D

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The Daicon films, wow! Very classy! Excellent artwork, too. I like how each character's emotion comes across so well.

I understand you have your own style, but if I can get one hand completely around her waist, while each breast is bigger than my head...Something is seriously wrong with that anatomy.

Yeah, definitely. I always just say "I'm good".

"I'm sure they'll listen to Reason." -- Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson




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